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Annex E: Request for Product Substitution/Price Revision Process-Tier 3 (Archival, backup and near line) storage products

It is the responsibility of the Offerors to ensure that all the necessary information is submitted with any Substitution Request in order for it to be processed accordingly.  PWGSC will not accept a Substitution Request that is only partially or incorrectly documented by the Offeror.  If all these conditions are not met then your substitution request will be rejected and will then need to be re-submitted once the information is correct and complete.

Each request for substitution of a System, substitution of  Evaluated Drive Types or Other Related Options or revision of prices should be submitted to PWGSC by email in an electronic format as detailed below:

  1. Submit a completed Annex E Request for Product Substitution / Price Revision Form that details the current Product/model and the new Product/model - this will detail what new Product is being substituted for an existing Product.
  2. Submit a completed Annex B List of Products (LOP) (working copy) - this document should show the changes that are proposed to the current LOP posted on the CAG. The proposed changes need to be highlighted: please highlight any additions in RED, and any deletions in BLUE.
  3. Submit a completed Annex B List of Products (LOP) (final copy) - this document should show the final version of your new substitution request (assuming that all your requested changes will be approved by PWGSC).  This document should be ready for posting on the CAG website without any alterations to be made by PWGSC.
  4. Please ensure that when you are submitting the above documents that the format remains the same as per the original Standing Offer awarded to the Offeror.
  5. Please format the pages you submit so that when the documents are printed that they can be printed on 8 1/2” x 14” legal sized paper.
  6. Offerors may only submit substitution requests for a Product in a particular Category one at a time.  This means that substitutions cannot be submitted for a Category while a substitution is already in process for that Category.  Should the Offeror wish to change a Product listing for that Category, the Offeror would need to wait to submit its new substitution request for that same category until the previous substitution request had been fully processed and finally posted on the CAG website (or rejected).
  7. In order to clarify which Product is being referred to in Categories where an Offeror has more than one Product listed, Offerors are requested to number their Products as follows: The first Product offered by an Offeror in a Category is called System A, and the second Product offered in a Category is called System B.  For example, in category 3.2, the first product offered would be referred to as the Offeror’s product 3.2a, and the second product offered would be referred to as the Offeror’s product 3.2b.  Offerors submitting a substitution request must indicate for which Product they are requesting the substitution (i.e. Category 3.2a or  3.2b), so that there will be no confusion regarding the product for which the substitution request is being submitted.
  8. Offerors are requested to send the original substitution correspondence to the Standing Offer Authority .  Your substitution request might be forwarded to another officer within PWGSC for further action and processing.  Subsequent correspondence concerning issues (i.e. missing information) should then be sent directly to that officer.
  9. Offerors are requested to ensure that contained within the Working Copy and Posting files (Annex B List of Products) and the Request for Product Substitution / Price Revision Form a common header needs to appear in the top right-hand corner of your submission detailing the following information:

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