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Almost everything needed to set up and place a Call-up or research and prepare a requisition for a Request for Volume Discount (RVD) can be found on the Computer Acquisition Guide (CAG).

All pricing information and the various components/items of the systems currently listed on the National Master Standing Offer (NMSO) can be reviewed at: NMSO Systems and Pricing. A Call-up form may be generated and printed off by using the options available in this section.

Every NMSO Offeror can be seen at Microcomputers List of Offerors. This also includes their list of authorized resellers.

The Benchmark Testing Report (www) provides a complete, detailed report of the NMSO systems, their internal components, and their respective scores during testing.

The links below contain information on Call-ups and RVDs. Under “Other Government Links”, information can be found on procurement policies, trade agreements, and other government procurement vehicles.


Call-up Information

RVD Information

Questions: Any questions or concerns with any area of the CAG can be directed to All suggestions regarding additional information you would like to see in this section will be considered.