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A Call-up for any microcomputer systems must be within the specified Call-up limitations imposed within the National Master Standing Offer (NMSO) for the particular commodity. Please see the section Call-Up Limitation for a detailed breakdown of these limitations. Call-ups may be prepared on a DSS 942 form or can be generated and printed directly from the CAG website by selecting a system in the NMSO Systems and Pricing section.

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Preparing a Call-up

Once you have chosen the desired commodity from the Pricing and Configuration Menu, all the available systems from each category will be shown. Each system will be listed along with its price, its evaluated price and its Call-up Limitation.

Select the desired system, and using the drop down menus, configure the system. If purchasing components only, be sure to press the “Buy only components” button.

Be sure to specify the correct quantities of systems AND components.

To compare prices within the category for similarly configured systems, press “Price Comparison”.

To ensure accuracy, preview your configuration. When satisfied, “Prepare Call-up”.

If there are non-NMSO items to add to the order, “Add” them before completing the Call-up Form.

Once prepared, Call-ups that fall within the normal Call-up limitations should be faxed directly to the vendor and should not be submitted to Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC). For Notebook Call-ups that wish to take advantage of the pre-established discount savings rate (5% for up to $200,000.00 and 15% for up to $400,000.00), a funded 9200 requisition form must be submitted to PWGSC indicating the specific configuration and system.

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Requirements over the Call-up Limitations

Those requirements that exceed the Call-up limitations must be procured through a Request for Volume Discount (RVD) sent to all the various NMSO holders within a particular category on the NMSO (i.e. Desktop NMSO - Category 1.2) to obtain “best and final” offers.

This process provides many benefits over smaller Call-ups. These benefits may include:

  • significant savings from economies of scale
  • a single one-time purchase
  • optional future quantities at the same or a reduced price
  • centralized control over microcomputer buying
  • standardization on a single configuration within a department
  • managing a relationship with a single manufacturer
  • a single warranty start date
  • a single warranty provider

RVD are managed by a PWGSC office on behalf of a Government department or agency. A DSS 9200 requisition form must be submitted to PWGSC.

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