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RVD Information

Volume purchases of Default Systems or System Components with a value estimated to exceed the applicable Call-up Limitation, up to a maximum of $20,000,000.00, Goods and Services Tax (GST)/Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) included, shall be submitted to Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) in a funded requisition for processing. A RVD will be sent to all Offerors listed in the selected Category on the PWGSC website on the date of RVD issuance.

The RVD process is intended to provide the Crown with a best and final offer from each National Master Standing Offer (NMSO) Holder based on the quantity being requested. If, during the evaluation, it is determined that the Crown is not getting an acceptable discount (e.g. less than 5% off NMSO prices) from the lowest compliant bidder, PWGSC may cancel the current RVD process and have vendors resubmit volume discount pricing.

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Preparing Your Submission

When submitting a requisition for a RVD to PWGSC please provide the following to ensure prompt service:

  1. A properly completed Requisition (9200) with the appropriate signatures and required funding;
  2. Contact names/numbers for procurement issues and for technical issues;
  3. A complete List of Requirements specifying:
    1. the required NMSO category;
    2. the required quantities;
    3. any optional quantities;
    4. the delivery (FOB) locations;
    5. whether installation is required;
    6. the evaluation method: “lowest price” or “best value”;
    7. whether testing is required;
    8. any desirable features which differ from the NMSO Default configuration; and
    9. the justification for any desirable features.
  4. The justification of the desirable features.
  5. A complete Set of Specifications specifying:

    Any CHANGES and/or ADDITIONS to the mandatory set of Default Configuration specifications.

  6. Submission may be directed to the Central Allocations Unit at:

    Public Works and Government Services Canada
    Central Allocations
    Place du Portage, Phase III, 0A1
    11 Laurier St
    Gatineau, Quebec
    K1A 0S5

    Fax: 819-956-5175

    Or to the Micro/Lan Division directly at:

    Fax: 819-956-1156

    (Attn : Sarah Lipski)

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Providing Technical Specifications to PWGSC

Each category has its own base specifications. The Default Configuration specifications for each category can be found on the NSTL Benchmark report (www) under “Requirements”. They are also detailed in Appendix “A” of each commodity within the Terms and Conditions page. Requirements over and above these base specifications are to be specified in the requisition and, if approved, will be clearly indicated in the RVD document.

All RVD require a set of Technical Specifications. The simpler (and more generic) the specification, the faster the process.

Prior discussion with the central PWGSC Technical Authority (Ian Kirk at 819-956-8354 or by e-mail: is advised in order to clarify exactly what is permissible in a set of specifications. Questions can also be sent to for immediate attention.

A RVD cannot be run that unfairly restricts competition within the chosen category. Any criterion that is included in a RVD must be justified if it eliminates any Offeror (or system) from bidding on a RVD. It is the responsibility of the PWGSC Contracting Authority to ensure that on any RVD the specifications (taken as a whole) are sufficiently generic that a minimum of 50% of Offerors in the selected Category would be in a position to submit a RVD response. Only the operational requirements of a client department should be considered when deciding on implementing a restrictive element into a RVD.

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RVD Evaluations

RVD may be evaluated on either a "lowest price" or "best value" basis. If the basis of selection is lowest price, then the compliant response with the lowest aggregate cost including options will be considered for award.

For “best value” evaluations, the NSTL Benchmark Test Report RVD Discount percentages will be applied to the proposed NMSO Default System(s) for evaluation purposes. The RVD Discount is based on performance, features, and usability scores, as well as the problem index. It provides a general measure of the overall "quality" of the system

With PWGSC Approval, Discounts for Desirable Features can also be included in an RVD. These discounts can be used in conjunction with the RVD Discount percentages or on their own. An overview of the regulations surrounding the use of desirable features can be found within the NMSO terms and conditions at Appendix "C" - item C.9.3.

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RVD Timelines

Since RVD are run off an already competed set of Standing Offers, the response period for Offerors is very short (often no more than 5 days). From the time a funded Requisition form (9200) is allocated to PWGSC it can take as little as 2-3 weeks to award a Contract. The response period and the document preparation times depend on the complexity of the systems being requested.

For a detailed explanation of the RVD process and estimated timelines, please refer to the RVD Process Doc.

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