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Configure System

The Configure System screen allows the customization of a system. The Buy Only Components button allows for the purchase of the individual components located below the button. Individual components from the Base Configuration cannot be purchased on their own.

The pricing for Upgrade components (appearing in the drop down menus) is in addition to the Base configuration component it is replacing. The price listed beside the Upgrade component is only the incremental price. To see the total price that will be paid, choose the particular Upgrade component and click the Recalculate button at the bottom of the page. The total for that component will now be displayed in the column to the right.

Price Comparison

This option allows a user to take a customized configuration on the Configure System screen and calculate a price for all the systems in that category using the same configuration. Once calculated, clicking on any of the systems listed will take you to the Configure System screen for that particular system, properly configured. This process can also be performed for individual system components.

Configuration Preview

This option allows a user to view (and print) a customized configuration without having to go through each of the steps to set up a 942 Call-up form. This preview will list the various items selected, the part numbers, and the corresponding prices. Users may then carry on to generate a 942 form or return to make further changes.

Prepare Callup

This screen allows various information to be input for insertion onto the 942 Call-up Document. As is indicated on the Prepare Call-up screen, vendors either allow, require or do not allow resellers to be inserted onto the Call-up Document and the 942 form is adjusted accordingly.

Generate Callup

Choosing the Generate 942 button on the Prepare Call-up screen starts a process that takes the components to be purchased and the 942 information that the user has input, and creates a PDF formatted document which is loaded into your web browser and can be printed. You will need to have a PDF Reader installed. It can be obtained through the link to the left.

Once printed, the 942 form should be faxed directly to the supplier chosen. The 942 form is not sent electronically once generated.

Troubleshooting PDFs

If you are using Internet Explorer or AOL, you may get a blank page when you try to open a PDF file.

This problem occurs occasionally when Acrobat or Acrobat Reader opens inside your browser window rather than in an Acrobat window.

  • Start Acrobat or Acrobat Reader
  • Choose Edit > Preferences > General > Options (Acrobat 5.0 or Acrobat Reader 5.0) or choose File > Preferences > General (Acrobat 4.x or Acrobat Reader 4.x)
  • Deselect Display PDF in Browser (Acrobat 5.0 or Acrobat Reader 5.0) or deselect Web Browser Integration (Acrobat 4.x or Acrobat Reader 4.x)
  • Click OK, and then exit from Acrobat or Acrobat Reader.

Alternative Formats

Information throughout this web site is provided in HTML as the primary format. In some cases, other software formats are provided as alternatives. Help with Alternative Formats.


The next time you select a link to a PDF file in Internet Explorer or AOL, a dialog box will prompt you to specify what to do with the file.

If you select Open this file from its current location, your browser will open the PDF file in a separate window. You will have to go back to your browser window to go to other items on the Internet.

If you select Save this file to disk, your browser will save the PDF file to your hard disk, from where you can open it later.