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Welcome to the PWGSC Computer Acquisition Guide.

The Computer Acquisition Guide (CAG) provides access to standing offers for computers and computer-related equipment and systems. Almost everything needed to set up and place a call-up or to research and prepare a requisition for a larger order can be found on the Computer Acquisition Guide (CAG).

Choose the commodity you want contracting information, pricing, or benchmark reports for.

  • Microcomputers

    • Desktops, Workstations, Notebooks, Thin Clients

    • Servers: Windows, Linux, UNIX

    • Set-aside for Aboriginal Business: Ruggedised Notebooks, Mobile Workstations, Tablet PCs

  • Mass Storage Systems

    • Tier 1 (Enterprise) & Tier 2 (Mid-Range) Storage Products.

    • Tier 3 (Archival, backup and near line storage products)